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Besarnya Pengorbanan Seorang Ibu: Seperti Apa Rupa Perut Wanita Sebelum dan Seminggu Setelah Melahirkan

Erabaru.net. Ada wanita yang, ketika mereka hamil, menanggapi dengan sangat serius perubahan yang terjadi dalam tubuh mereka, sampai merasa malu akan perut oval dan stretch mark yang ada di tubuh mereka.

Walaupun sesungguhnya tidak tepat juga bagi seorang wanita untuk merasa malu atas kondisi kehamilannya, juga tidak masuk bagi orang lain untuk mengolok-olok kondisi fisik seorang wanita hamil, karena itu semua memang sudah kodrat.

Bagaimanapun juga, pengorbanan seorang Ibu tidak kecil, seorang wanita yang tadinya memiliki kulit halus dan kencang, kini harus memiliki stretch mark, penambahan berat badan, serta beragam perubahan kondisi fisik yang membuatnya tidak lagi memiliki penampilan dan ciri fisik seorang gadis.

Seorang blogger kebugaran , Kayla Itsines, baru-baru ini menjadi seorang Ibu, kemudian dia menerbitkan foto-fotonya di Instagram, membandingkan saat sebelum kelahiran bayinya dan satu minggu kemudian setelah melahirkan bayinya.

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MY FIRST POST BIRTH RECOVERY PHOTO!!! (last photo before giving birth vs one week after birth). If I am honest, it is with great trepidation that I share with you this very personal image. Every woman's journey through life but especially pregnancy, birth and healing post-birth is unique. While each journey has a common thread that connects us as women, our personal experience, our relationship with ourselves and our body will always be our own. For me, regardless of how my body healed post-birth, I felt it was really important for me personally to embrace, appreciate and celebrate my body the same way that I tell all the women in this community to celebrate their body. For me right now, I celebrate my body for all it has been through and the absolute joy it has brought into my life with Arna. As a personal trainer, all I can hope for you ladies is that you feel encouraged to do the same regardless of whether you have just given birth or not, celebrate your body and the gift that it is. No matter what journey you have been on with your body, the ways in which it heals, supports, strengthens and adapts to take us through life is truly incredible. www.kaylaitsines.com/app [1]

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Kamu terlihat hebat

@ leena5to6:

Respons terhadap bahasa tubuhnya mengungkapkan bahwa tubuh wanita dan kemampuan untuk memberi kehidupan sungguh menakjubkan. Yang pasti, ada alasan untuk merayakannya. Terima kasih sudah berbagi Ibu. Selamat untuk gadis cantikmu!

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@fitnessbycarla found her CONFIDENCE with my #BBG program. ⁣ ⁣ She says "Still can’t believe that was me on the left. you can see how depressed I was just looking at my face. one day I was scrolling through @kayla_itsines ‘s profile and I saw that there was a new years special on the @sweat app. I thought “let me try this, doesn’t hurt to try” and I’m SO GLAD I DID THAT! I lost so much fat and am gaining so much muscle- and not only that, I feel GREAT! You can tell how confident I look in the pic on the right 😍 ⁣⁣ ⁣ #BBGProgress #BBG2019⁣ ⁣ www.kaylaitsines.com/app [3]

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Dan Kayla bukan satu-satunya wanita yang ingin menunjukkan kehidupan dirinya dengan apa adanya.

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“We’re surviving 🖤 Tired Sore No makeup Unwashed hair Messy bedroom Sexy bottoms over my post partum belly A not so happy Molls And honestly feeling pretty dang good 🙏🏼 We’ve felt so much more confident and at ease this time around and I am just taking one day at a time. Rollin with the punches and keeping a smile on my face 🙂 Thank you again for everyone praying for this transition. I’ve truly felt it.” 🖤 image and caption by @kaylanicolemeyer. #postpartumbody #postpartumbelly #postpartumjourney #newbornbaby #postpartumtransition #momoftwo #toddlermomlife [4]

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“A note to the new mama. 🤱🏻 You may not recognise your own body anymore, but you need to give it time. _ It’s possible you’ll still look pregnant weeks after birth, this is normal. _ Your belly button will look the way it used to, eventually. _ Your body may have made some permanent physical changes, embrace them. _ You may lose a lot of hair in the first few months, don’t panic it’s a normal phase. _ Your hormones are adjusting themselves, there will be high, lows and probably tears. _ You may get the baby blues or postpartum depression, know that this is okay and ask for help and support, you’re not alone. _ Your breastfeeding journey (if you do) may not be as easy as you expected, don’t beat yourself up and it will take time. _ You may bleed for weeks after giving birth, like a big pain in the ass period. _ You need to increase you fiber intake… just trust us on this one! _ You may sweat a lot and feel like you’re in a constant heat wave in the first few days, thank you hormones. _ You may have permanent scars on your body, these are simply reminders of how strong our amazing bodies are, learn to love them. _ Motherhood changes us, physically, mentally and emotionally. Some of these changes permanent, most temporary, remember you’re not alone. _ Welcome to the club mama, we got you. ❤️ . Fellow mama’s – if I haven’t listed it here, let a new mama know something.” 😘 Caption and image by @katie_newnham. #postpartum #takebackpostpartum [6]

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{Postpartum} “Living in the newborn haze of sleep deprivation, unmade beds, pjs all day, too much tv, millions of nappies and breastfeeding.all.day. 🤱⠀ _ I’ve been so honest with you all through my pregnancy journey, and I wanted to continue to be honest after. I don’t want people to think I’ve just bounced back (😂lol) or suddenly to hide myself away – why should I share photos of my big bump and be proud of it, then suddenly become ashamed as soon as the baby is out? 🤷‍♀️⠀ _ As a society, we are so conditioned to hide our postpartum bodies, to be ashamed of loose skin and stretch marks and saggy bellies and breasts. Theres so much pressure to bounce back, suck it in, cover it up… But the stupidest part is that most of us have it, to some degree or another!! 🤷‍♀️ _ So why the hell are we all hiding away – fear of judgement? We should be proud of our bodies that grew, nourished and birthed our precious babies, and continue to feed them once they’re out. ⠀ _ I would be lying if I said I loved the way my body looks now, but I’m ok with it. Carrying two very large babies, gaining and losing 33kg then gaining another 25kg and having 2 c cections (which by the way – I had no idea about the C-section tum until I got it 😬) has left me with lots of loose skin, more stretch marks than I’d ever imagined and a bellybutton that is unrecognizable. _ But I’m not out to try and “get my body back”… why? Because it never bloody went anywhere!! It was here the whole time, growing humans – I’m pretty sure I should be giving it a damn break not punishing it when it’s done so much for me.💕⠀ _ Plus, right now I just want to eat when I’m hungry (which is ALL the time) take it slow and enjoy this precious time, because it will be over in the blink of an eye!”💙💜@sarahbaughen ⠀ Words and image credit: @sarahbaughen. #fourthtrimester #postpartum #momlife #instsmom #this_is_postpartum #motheringwithoutfear #love #loveyourdamnself #birthwithoutfear #inspirepregnancy #motherhood #celebrating_my_postpartum #takebackpostpartum ⠀ [7]

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Secara umum, semua wanita memerlukan waktu pemulihan yang berbeda setelah melahirkan.

Kadang-kadang, beberapa orang membutuhkan berbulan-bulan untuk memulihkan kesehatan mereka dan menyingkirkan efek akibat kehamilan.

Apa yang terjadi pada tubuh wanita postpartum?

Gejala yang paling sering muncul pada wanita adalah rasa sakit di perut bagian bawah, yaitu ketika rahim yang melebar dan mengeras untuk mendapatkan kembali keadaan normalnya, pembengkakan payudara, lengan bengkak dan puting yang sakit karena efek menyusui.

Selain ketidaknyamanan fisik, ada tekanan psikologis seperti kelelahan pascapersalinan dan depresi.

Jadi kapasitas tubuh seorang wanita itu sungguh luar biasa! Dia menggunakan semua sumber dayanya untuk menyembuhkan dirinya sendiri dengan sangat cepat setelah satu “kerja keras” besar yaitu melahirkan.

Jadi, pengorbanan yang dicurahkan oleh seorang Ibu tidaklah kecil, oleh karena itu para suami dan para anak, sepantasnya menghormati para wanita. Para suami, hormati dia yang telah melahirkan anakmu, para anak, hormati dia yang telah melahirkanmu! (Jul)

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